Prague in 5 hours. Or better in 2-times 5 hours

Prague is a city, which actually consists of 4-5, earlier independent parts.

It is possible to gain a complete understanding about Prague, when you have 4-5 hours to spend.

You can recognize the individual parts on foot, to gain the first impression, together with a short coffee break. However you can learn much more in the city when you spend 2 or better 3 mornings. Then you can separately discover every bank of the Vltava River. Hradčany Town, Hradčany Castle and Lesser Town with its gardens has much to offer. It would be a pity, to hurry too quickly over the Charles Bridge to the Old Town.

Also in the New Town, Old Town and in the Jewish Quarter, there are many things to see, so one morning is too short. Where should you wander first – the wonderful epoch of Charles IV, the Reformation epoch or the epoch of Rudolf II, the epoch of Jewish style or Cubism? And then there are so many classic restaurants and coffeehouses. It would be best, if you could spend in Prague at least 3 days, so you can keep some time for your own discoveries.


These are only some top themes, which we are focused on within the tour.

Prague – In the Footsteps of Reformation

Prague – Roots of Czech Cubism

Cubism – Architectural Style, having one of its Trays in Prague


The tour costs 90 € for 4-5 hours for groups of 2 – 9 persons, or 120 € for groups of 10-20 persons.

See you again in Prague!