Kutná Hora

The picturesque town Kutná Hora is about 70 km southeast of the capitol of Prague and it spreads on foothills of the Kutná Hora Plateau in the altitude between 208 and 356 a.s.l. The first real mention of Kutná Hora relates to the year 1276. The town history is inseparably joined with the mining of the silver ore. And just thanks to the local pit fields, which formed one of the largest sources of the silver in the medieval Europe, Kutná Hora developed to the second most important town of the Kingdom of Bohemia. It was in competition with the capitol of Prague not only on the field of economy and politics but also on the cultural one. The beginnings of mining go back to the second half of the 13th century, however already during the 10 the century, there were made silver coins, so called denars near the Malín settlement. In 1142, the Cistercian monastery, the first of this order in Bohemia, was founded in Sedlec. In the end of the government of the king Přemysl Otakar II, there appeared the name of the original mining village Cuthna antiqua /kutna antikva/ – The Old Kutna, from which the rich king’s town, equipped with many privileges, gradually developed. In 1300, there was issued here the mining code by the king Wenceslas „Ius regale montanorum“ /lus regále montanórum/, specifying all terms for all mining activities. The new minting reform relates also to the same year, when the king Wenceslas II decided to introduce a uniform coin in the whole kingdom. In 1409, the king Wenceslas IV issued a The Decree of Kutná Hora, solving the voting ratio on the Prague University in favour of the Bohemian nation. In 1961, the core of the town was, thank to its preservation, declared to be a State Conservation Area.

During our trip, we will visit and undertake among others following:

  1. Cathedral of Saint Barbara
  2. Italian Court
  3. Lunch in a typical old-Czech Restaurant
  • Ride by a pick-up from hotel in Prague
  • The trip lasts about 6 hours
  • The price for minimum 4 persons is 1400 CZK / 56 € pro person