Dear Prague Visitors

Since 1993 I have shared my interests and knowledge about Prague and the Czech Republic with visitors from around the world. I speak German and English and am looking forward to being your private guide around Prague. Yes, there are many treasures to discover in Prague and I hope I will be able to present them to you either from a bus, on foot, or from the Vltava River steamboat. I have lived all my life in Prague and was born here. I have a technical education, however languages and history have been more interesting to me so since 1993, for more than 15 years, I have been working as a tourist guide as my full-time employment. Since 2008 I have also been active in commercial property leasing. However Prague is still „my hobby“ and so I think we can plan some morning or afternoon when we can discover the city together. If we are not able to fix a suitable term, I will ask one of my colleagues to devote his time to you. I always try to adapt the tours to our visitors‘ interests and to present many things in the side streets, the less known sights, too. See you in Prague!